Reveiw Of Trio Of Springmount Gin

April 26, 2019

Springmount  gin is the creation of Joe and Emma who have produced a Small Batch, Hand Crafted Scottish Gin in three unique flavours.
Only 290 bottles are made of each flavour at any one time and the bottles are all hand labelled by Emma and Joe too.


Their passion for gin started over five years ago.  Both of them have always adored gin and they have been keen to learn more in order to fully appreciate it. 


Joe was born and raised in Lancashire and developed a love for gin whilst working behind numerous bars whilst at university.

As a result of this, he introduced gin-virgin Emma to gin who instantly fell in love with it, especially when she realised just how many different flavour combinations were available. 

Creating their own unique gins had been a dream of theirs for many years,after sampling the many different infused gins out there and believing that they have something unique and daring to offer. 


After much encouragement from friends and family, they embarked on their very own gin creating journey in September 2018.

They were lucky enough to find a master distiller who shared their passion for fresh local ingredients, exciting new flavours and most of all GIN!

Throughout the recipe development they worked really closely with him up in Scotland.

Their vision is to create all of their own gin recipes themselves, from scratch, knowing exactly what each and every ingredients brings to the mix and why.  Creating gins that they would actually want to drink time and time again has been their primary focus.

After spending many hours experimenting with flavours, educating themselves and testing copious amounts of gins, Springmount Gin was born!

The distillation method is the one shot method and the gin is distilled using an iStill. 

The distillery is based in Scotland on the historic shore of Loch Auchlossan and the distillery is run by their master distiller who is part of the Scottish distillers association.

They explained why they chose Scotland to distil their range of gins. 


"We adore Scotland! Joe fell in love with Scotland about ten years ago after his first visit. He adored the lush greenery and how fresh all the produce was. He whisked Emma away to Scotland the first chance he got and she was also hooked.

After sampling the local produce we knew that we had to include some in our gin!

We are proud to ONLY use water in our gin that flows from natural springs in the Scottish Mountains. It is also one of the purest waters in the world. " 


Each bottle of Springmount Gin is bursting with one of the purest waters in the world. It flows from natural springs in the Scottish Mountains and the springs lie within the Cairngorms National Park, a protected area of outstanding natural beauty.

The springs are located 600 feet above sea level, a remote area in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of Scotland. The water actually became famous for its healthy qualities in the 1760s after a local woman was cured of a fatal disease when she bathed in and drank the “miracle waters” Compared to most waters, this source has : *A very low mineral content, *A low pH value
*A low redox potential *Small molecular cluster size.
These unique properties make it different to other waters and are the reason for its beneficial effects. 


 All three of the gins are London dry style gin with contemporary flavours.  They are all predominately juniper based.

Strawberry and Raspberry Gin (40% ABV)

A delicate blend of Scottish strawberries and raspberries carefully balanced with seven other botanicals whilst still maintaining

a distinct juniper presence.

Lavender and Lemongrass Gin  (40% ABV)A truly unique combination of organic lavender and fragrant lemongrass, carefully blended with a dash of liquorice along with six other botanicals.

 Mint and Lime Gin (40% ABV)

Inspired by the classic mojito! A juniper forward gin blended expertly with fresh mint and refreshing lime.This gin includes a total of eight botanicals

The  range will be available to buy from May 2019 in 70cl Italian glass bottles.


Strawberry And Raspberry


I chose to try the  Strawberry and  Raspberry gin first as it appealed to me the most.

Made using only the finest Scottish Strawberries and Raspberries this is such a lovely gin. I'm really pleased that there is still a beautiful punch of juniper present in the gin. 

It's fruity and tart but not too sweet and full of flavour.
I've paired with frozen raspberries and strawberries harvested last year from my garden. I've used a plain Franklin and sons tonic to fully release the flavours.  




On The nose you get hit with an instant whiff that reminds you of a Summers day in the garden ripe with juicy strawberries and raspberries ready to be harvested.  



This doesn't disappoint as you get a lovely fruity tart taste along with plenty of juniper to the fore.  It's not sweet but tart and juicy.




On The finish you get the lingering sweetness from the strawberries. 


 Lavender and Lemongrass


I was a bit dubious about trying this one as I am not usually a huge fan of Lavender in a gin, but I was pleasantly surprised as it it delicate and balanced out by the addition of the Lemongrass.


I paired it with a plain Double Dutch tonic with slices of orange and a rose petal infused ice cube.




On the nose you get an instant hit from the lemongrass followed by delicate Lavender.




On the palate I was again pleasantly surprised as their is plenty of juniper to the fore and the lavender and lemongrass are very well balanced. It is very creamy and has a lovely mouthfeel to it.



On the finish you get a lovely citrus lingering taste from the Lemongrass that lingers on the tongue making it tingle slightly.


 I also used last of the Lavender and Lemongrass with one of the brand new tonics from the Culpeper Tonic girls Vic and Jen. 

I decided to pair the gin with the From The Garden tonic which matches it perfectly.
Served with plenty of ice and spanked stems of lemongrass this is such a refreshing serve.
From the garden tonic contains a hint of lavender and delicate rose.
Vic and Jen state: "Our tonic waters are made from British ingredients and are naturally quinine-free. We craft all our own extracts and syrups from hand selected ingredients, most of which are grown or foraged by us. All our foraged ingredients are gathered with permission from across the UK and always with care for the natural environment and the birds, beasties and creepy crawlies that live within it"



Mint And Lime


I must admit I didn't try this one with a tonic but I did try it neat and plenty of juniper was to the fore accompanied by refreshing tingly mint and juicy limes.  I opted to using it in the next two cocktails instead and it was delicious in both of them!


In conclusion I feel that that have created three very unique gins that would be amazing to use in a variety of cocktails or they can be equally as good paired with the garnish and particular tonic of choice.



                                                GIN COCKTAILS



 Lemon and Lime Gin Slushy.
30ml Springmountgin Lime and mint flavour.
4 scoops Lemon sorbet
30ml plain tonic water
Squeeze of fresh lime juice.
Three ice cubes
Swizz in a nutribullet and serve with a reusable steel straw. If I'd had some mint I would have put some leaves in for decoration. 😊

This is such a refreshing drink and it's a nice twist on a gimlet.  



The Southside

The Southside Cocktail is a gin twist on the far more popular Mojito and is generally served straight up. Thought to originate from New York, and based on an older recipe from Chicago.

The Southside Cocktail actually makes more sense than the Mojito as the mint matches well with the Gin’s botanicals.

The Southside Cocktail is served straight up in a chilled Cocktail glass.

Southside Cocktail Ingredients
60ml Gin
30ml Fresh Lime Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
7 Fresh Mint Leaves

Add all ingredients to the shaker, fill with cubed ice and shake well. Double strain with a fine strainer into the glass and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint leaves. To make a Southside Royale add prosecco or champagne to taste and use a champagne flute.

With Gin becoming increasingly popular the Southside Cocktail is also enjoying a comeback. The gin’s complex flavours are perfectly complimented by the freshness of the mint. 



Strawberry and Raspberry Gin Slushy


30ml Springmountgin Strawberry and Raspberry flavour.
15ml plain tonic water
Handful of frozen raspberries and strawberries
Four ice cubes
Swizz in a nutribullet and serve with a reusable steel straw. 


This would also make a fabulous Bramble Cocktail


The Bramble


45mL ~Springmount Strawberry and Raspberry gin

15mL Creme de Mure

30mL Fresh Lemon Juice

ice for the cocktail shaker and crushed ice to serve


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice

Add the gin, lemon juice & sugar syrup

Shake & strain over fresh ice into an old fashioned glass

Float the creme de mure on top

Garnish with a blackberry raspberry or lemon twist




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Reveiw Of Trio Of Springmount Gin

April 26, 2019

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